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Major  Translation Services was established in Istanbul - Turkey,  to provide quality services in translation and localization. Aiming to meet the translation needs of local and global companies in any field and any language with corporate quality, Major Translation employs a staff that has more than a decade of sectoral experience.

Providing high quality translations in technical, medical, automotive, legal, commercial, finance, academic publications and many other fields from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Bulgarian and Romanian to Turkish and from Turkish to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Bulgarian and Romanian, Major Translation meticulously meets notary approved translation and interpretation demands as well as translator’s cachet, apostille and other needs in these language pairs.

Another important feature of Major Translation is its expertise in conducting multi-lingual translation projects. Major Translation serves the leading companies of Turkey and the world in global translation and localization needs, employing translators who translate from English into their native language. 

Our customer satisfaction principles

Assigning the highest priority to service quality and customer satisfaction, Major Translation maintains the following principles:

  • Observing deadlines
  • 24/7 availability to customers
  • Strong and regularly improved technological infrastructure
  • Highest protection of document confidentiality and security
  • Proper understanding of customer demands and respective planning of projects
  • Assigning each translation project to teams with expertise on the subject
  • Informing the customer of issues, textual shortcomings and inconsistencies found in the translation process and implementing a mutual solution
  • Evaluating customer complaints and taking the necessary steps to address them
  • Regularly improving the staff and service quality through on-the-job training