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What to consider when purchasing translation and localization service? Do you prioritize quality, speed, cost-efficiency or all of these? How to create, have translated, publish and update your documents, website or software to be localized in multiple languages in the most efficient way? You can consult us on these and any other aspects of translation.

Systematic Translation

We offer professional advice on rendering software and websites compatible with localization and assist with choosing the right technologies in the localization process.

Translation systems such as translation databases and terminology management tools prevent re-translation of previously translated sentences and repeated search of specific terms, thereby accelerating workflow. We explain the working principles of applications in the translation process and provided advice on how to best prepare the contents for the translation process.

We explain techniques to facilitate updating process and cost efficiency for software and web applications. 

We offer services and information on the following subjects for translation and localization projects. 

  • Website and software localization planning
  • Building and rendering compatible translation databases
  • Technology building and management
  • Terminology verification
  • Style guide building and management
  • Revision, organizing and proofreading
  • Machine translation organization
  • Multi-lingual desktop publishing
  • Linguistic checks
  • Independent translation quality control services
  • Linguistic evaluation of existing sources and translation assets
  • Preliminary study and assessment of language/market