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Through its office staff in Turkey and its international solution partners, Major Translation provides top quality translation services in over 40 languages to businesses around the world, specializing in technical, medical, automotive, legal, commercial, software-related, financial and academic documents and publications.

We support our customers through our services we offer in numerous industrial sectors, including automotive, engineering, financial services, medical services, information technology, legal services and energy generation.

Language competence

Major Translation’s competence in language is built upon an experienced team of translators, editors and proofreaders, its localization processes and quality assurance measures, expertise in subjects and fields, and computer-supported translation and terminology management.

Translator’s quality

The primary condition of quality in a translation project is that it is translated by a native speaker. Major Translation carries out all translation projects with translators and proofreaders that speak the target language as their native language. Translators with experience on the subject are selected for each translation requirement. We employ a wide network of hundreds of certified translators from Turkey and around the globe that are specialized in their respective fields.

Translators are put through a rigorous assessment process and improve their performance through regular linguistic quality assurance feedback from the senior editors of Major Translation. In addition to the translator’s language quality, other factors, primarily communication skills, reliability and flexibility are routinely monitored.

Use of technology

Marketing brochures, sales documents, technical user guides, websites and similar documents must be provided in multiple languages at short notice to achieve global success. However, literal translation is only a portion of the work. Each branch of industry has its unique terminology and communication style. A firm grasp of the field is only possible through professional experience and use of technology.

Using sector-specific software in translation and particularly localization projects, we increase the quality, speed and consistency while reducing the cost of translations. We preserve the format of your files through our software. Our team provides all of the necessary arrangements at the highest quality in projects requiring desktop publishing.

The use of technology enables the organization of simultaneous work for a large team in Major and ongoing projects as well as consistent translation quality and effective terminology management.

Translation quality is checked using special software. This makes it easier to remove formal errors such as text skipping, double spacing, spelling and punctuation errors, inconsistent terminology, number and date errors etc.


We care about the confidentiality of your documents as much as you do. We prioritize the security of materials sent to Major Translation Services by observing the confidentiality rules in every step of the project. We also create secure archives of your files to serve your future needs.