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Once you choose Major Translation, you will gain a lasting business partner that reliably meets all your translation and localization needs through high quality, cost effective, and timely services , with teams specialized in the language features of your industry.

We provide high standards of service with an expert team equipped with over ten years of experience in the sector. We carry out translation projects in a wide variety of fields, including technical, medical, law, finance, academic and marketing, by applying an effective four-stage quality control process ( translation, editing, quality check, proofreading) with expert translators and editors.

Reach the whole world with the accurate translation

In cooperation with certified international solution partners, we provide translation and editing services in more than 40 native languages for the international content of many sectors, such as marketing, medicine, energy, tourism, media, manufacturing, informatics, law and automotive.

Being a client of Major Translation, you can reach the whole world with complete and accurate translations.



Delivering highest quality translation services since 2013

With Major Translation, which was established in 2013 on the confidence of our many years of experience in the sector, we aim to meet the need for quality service in translation and software localization.

Within a short time, we have had the honor of winning loyal customers by consistently delivering translation projects of the highest quality for Turkey’s leading companies.

With the improvements the years of experience in carrying out the process has provided to our team and our skill sets, Major Translation and Consultancy Services is now able to meet the translation needs of companies in Turkey and abroad in all global languages and disciplines with a corporate quality.

We are able to achieve high-quality results in translation and localization projects through our perfectly planned and professional process management system and selection of resources. Through the Project Management software developed by Major Translation, all these processes are carried out professionally by strictly applying a series of steps pertaining to rules, interactions, time control, and error checks.

With its proven track record of successful projects, Major Translation provides many of the leading companies in Turkey, such as Doğan Burda, Türk Telekom, Sun Express, Bayer, Sanofi Pasteur , and Miele, with translation services.


Quality-oriented service

You will be satisfied with the quality of the service we provide through OUR expert translators and editors, technological infrastructure, and competent project management.


Thanks to our use of software, translation memory, and terminology tools, you can have your documents translated at less cost and in less time.

Service diversity

You can benefit from the many services we offer for translation projects, such as planning, quality control, terminology management, translation memory management, and desktop publishing.

Uninterrupted and reliable

You will have the confidence of working with an always available provider that supplies all your translation needs on time and at top quality.

Security and privacy

Your commercial information and documents are protected and stored in strict accordance with information security principles.

Technology compatibility

By keeping up with the latest technologies and software in the translation industry, we ensure your needs are comprehensively met.


Quality Check


Hisense catalogue

Hisense’s commercial air-conditioner systems catalogue for 2015 was translated to Turkish by Major Translation.

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Drug Authorization – CTD

ilaç rusatı

We have completed the authorization translations of four different drugs and delivered to the leading pharmaceutical company in compliance with CTD format.

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Mini website translation

Kosifler Oto chose Major Translation for the translations of Mini web site.

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The World in 2016

Turkish translation of the special issue of The Economist magazine titled as “The World in 2016” was done by Major Translation.

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Tempo Travel in Russian

Doğan Burda Magazine Group has collaborated with Major Translation Services for the translation of Tempo Travel Magazine into Russian.

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Simit Sarayı Magazine

Released in Turkish and English by Simit Sarayı, Simit Sarayı Magazine is translated into English by Major Translation.

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Revolution Magazine

Doğan Burda has collaborated with Major Translation Services in bringing the Turkish edition of the luxury-watch magazine, Revolution, to Turkey. More >>

Tempo Travel in English

Doğan Burda Magazine Group has collaborated with Major Translation for the translation of Tempo Travel Magazine into English.

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Hotelier International in Turkish

The Turkish edition of the Hotelier International magazine is translated by Major Translation Services.

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The Economist World in 2014

The Economist

Tempo Magazine has collaborated with Major Translation for the Turkish translation of The World in 2014 special edition of The Economist.

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Ateksis website

Ateksis commissioned us for the translation of its website into Russian and Arabic. 

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