We provide additional comprehensive services, such as translation quality control, terminology management, translation memory management, machine translation, desktop publishing, delivery of license files in CTD format, and software assistance.

Independent language experts audit the quality of completed translation projects.

Terminology and translation memory management support that provides quality and cost advantages.

Thanks to our DTP expertise, we can make your materials ready for printing in the format you desire.

We can translate and edit your pharmaceutical registration files in accordance with the CTD format.

Quality Control

We check and rate your completed projects or content in other languages for which you wish to test the translation quality. Independent translators and editors check for consistency, terminology compatibility, cultural compatibility and spelling errors, and we report the quality of translation in detail.

Terminology Management

We enhance the quality of the translation by standardizing the terminology of your translation texts and/or by creating a specific terminology glossary for your projects Terminology management, which we perform with software support, enables you to develop and use a specialized glossary specific to your corporate identity and sector and to effectively perform the terminology control of the translations.

Desktop Publishing

We translate ready-to-print documents in many formats and can deliver them in the same format. In cases where this is not possible, you can take advantage of our additional desktop publishing services, such as adapting ready-to-print materials for translation, inserting translations to documents, and file format conversions.

CTD Preparation

This service ensures that the pharmaceutical registration application files are translated in the CTD format required by the Ministry of Health and in accordance with the legislation, and we edit the files to make them ready for application.

Translation Memory Management

Translation Memory is a translation archive created with computer-aided translation software for translation projects. You do not have to pay extra for repetitive sentences in documents with similar content. In addition, translation memory management serves to ensure the integrity, consistency and terminology compliance of your translation projects.

Software Consultancy

For any projects in any fields, we offer consultancy services on techniques and software that facilitate translation, updating, terminology management, translation memory management processes, and offer cost advantages.


Hisense catalogue

Hisense’s commercial air-conditioner systems catalogue for 2015 was translated to Turkish by Major Translation.

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Drug Authorization – CTD

ilaç rusatı

We have completed the authorization translations of four different drugs and delivered to the leading pharmaceutical company in compliance with CTD format.

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Mini website translation

Kosifler Oto chose Major Translation for the translations of Mini web site.

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The World in 2016

Turkish translation of the special issue of The Economist magazine titled as “The World in 2016” was done by Major Translation.

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Tempo Travel in Russian

Doğan Burda Magazine Group has collaborated with Major Translation Services for the translation of Tempo Travel Magazine into Russian.

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Simit Sarayı Magazine

Released in Turkish and English by Simit Sarayı, Simit Sarayı Magazine is translated into English by Major Translation.

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Revolution Magazine

Doğan Burda has collaborated with Major Translation Services in bringing the Turkish edition of the luxury-watch magazine, Revolution, to Turkey. More >>

Tempo Travel in English

Doğan Burda Magazine Group has collaborated with Major Translation for the translation of Tempo Travel Magazine into English.

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Hotelier International in Turkish

The Turkish edition of the Hotelier International magazine is translated by Major Translation Services.

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The Economist World in 2014

The Economist

Tempo Magazine has collaborated with Major Translation for the Turkish translation of The World in 2014 special edition of The Economist.

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Ateksis website

Ateksis commissioned us for the translation of its website into Russian and Arabic. 

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